Various Parts Of Antenna

Jy Chyun streamlines many excellent maker to provide the precision parts and materials leading global producers need, such as automotive antenna brackets, washers, screws and caps; cell phone plastic tubing and metal alloy materials.  While it calls for highly experienced makers to provide the customer with such parts at a high quality yet at an affordable cost, Jy Chyun has been in this field for 30 years to put it in a perfect position to handle these businesses by offering the customers with unsurpassed services.


Stamping Parts

With stamping parts being a world renowned processing industry among Taiwan’s medium and small businesses, these parts are widely adopted in an extensive variety of products, such as antennas, automotive parts, cell phones and so forth, and Jy Chyun specializes in antenna and cell phone components.  Jy Chyun’s stamping parts utilizes a joint venture mode to integrate several professional manufactories that come to provide the customers with antenna stamping parts, which bear the following characteristics:

All tools are jointly researched and developed by Jy Chyun and the producers,

• With high-, medium- and low-speed machines to satisfy the customer’s needs of varied quantities.

• With extensive experience for producing such types of parts for renowned producers worldwide.

• Capable of supplying the customer with a variety of optimal materials.

Offering highly competitive quality and pricing.